PoliticEye's core goal is to to improve our societies by ensuring citizens are well informed on crucial problematics. Key element of this is the development of clean and healthy debates. There are some key rules which we count of you to follow on PoliticEye, to help us pursue our objective:

Rule 1: Remain cordial

Make the effort to remember that you are exchanging with other human beings, with different experience of life and understanding of situations. A discourse with which you'll strongly disaggree doesn't mean its author must be disrespected or threatened. Remain cordial, and decide whether you want to start a productive discussion or to just ignore it.

Rule 2: Respect Intellectual Property

Do not post content you don't own without ensuring you can do so and citing your source. Contrarily to a lot of other social medias, PoliticEye does not penalize content leading to external sites. External sources are a good sign of relfexion - the quality of the sources being to evaluate though.

Rule 3: Respect Privacy

Do not share personal information of others. You are responsible for harassment you made possible by sharing personal data.

Rule 4: Keep it Legal

Do not post any illegal content or take part to any illegal transaction through PoliticEye.

Rule 5: Stay decent

Do not post any sexual or suggestive content implying minors.

Rule 6: Don't be someone else

On PoliticEye, we encourage our citizens to use their real identity, but we do not enforce it. Whatever the identity you'll choose, don't impersonate a person or an organization you can not represent.

Rule 7: Don't exploit PoliticEye

Don't purposefully break or impair PoliticEye.


We have several ways to enforce those rules such as:

  • Kindly asking you to do so
  • Temporarily or permanently censuring your content(s)
  • Temporarily or permanently banning your account(s)
  • Referring to authorities in case of legally reprehenible activities